A mother cat who had disabled babies ran to the hospital and begged for help


There was a pregnant cat that was walking around the yard of the city clinic. Everyone there fell in love with her and even started feeding her every day.

This cat was very sociable and lovely. Soon the cat disappeared from everyone’s view for a couple of days. But then she came back to the hospital doors.

But this time she was not alone , she was with her newborn kittens.

One by one she took her children to the oculist and made understandable that her kids needed help. All the people there opened the way for the cat.

All the medical staff was shocked by the smartness of this kitty. So the opthalmologist examined all of them and then called for a vet to prescribe a accurate treatment. All the kittens were helped.

Medical care helped at least. After that the kittens were able to open their eyes and see the whole world. They are absolutely healthy and ready for the whole life. When the kittens grew older and stronger they were taken home.

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