A wise stallion horse rescues the life of drowning baby foal


Every day is full of interesting stories. One of that storie’s is this. A horse rescued a foal drowning deep in the water.

The kiddo was making efforts to pull himself out of the water, but in vain.

The kiddo got stuck in the water up to his neck. And she was in despair, didn’t know what to do or how to protect himself.

The day was very sunny. and the horse went to grazing near Salt River.

The big pony noticed the drowning horse.

Wild stallion seperated from the group and made his mind to rescue the foal. He grabbed her from neck.

Thanks to the decesiveness and actions of the wild stallion the litlle horse lives happy with her family and relatives.

The stallion stayed with the kiddo to make sure that she is safe and sound. She brought the baby horse to the bank.

After being saved the baby horse ran to her mother. Their unition was so emotional and exciting. Their feelings and love toward each other is unconditional

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