Woman thinks she’d lost her dog forever – can’t stop crying when she sees him again


A young lady could stop sobbing when she was reunited with the puppy she tought she had lost forever.
Meredith and her beautiful family were in the car bith their furry fellow Fergus, when another car crushed into them.

Luckily no one was hurt after that incident. But their 200-pounds dog disappeared. Of course they went out of the car and started searching for him right away.

As all of them could imagine the dog was just scared so he decided to disappear. Everyone’s first wish was to find Fergus, but he was just gone.

The scared dog had just disappeared and no one could find him. After some time all peple thet new him all the relatives neighbours and friends were searching for him, but n vain.

After 30 minutes of the accident all people were searching for the dog. All of them were driving with their lights on. And also they were driving very slow.

Meredith never lost her hope. She always knew that she was going to find her Fergus. After 4 days of searching and long waited call came. Fergus had been found.

Meredith told that she was asleep when her phone started ringing and the voice in there said thet they had their dog. Fergus is a gentle giant and he loves to be inside that’s why everyone were so worried for him.

The most exciting moment is yet to come. Whem they two finally met. Meredith could keep her tears back. She just started sobbing.

Fergus had been missing for a few days, but he was pretty well. He just got some scratches. Now the gentle giant enjoys his time with his loving family.

Everone cares for him to be comfortabe.

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