Dying mom obsessed with ‘Bambi’ gets a surprising visit from a real deer


Animals are able to deliver a lot of joy and happiness to people’s lives. It’s not surprising that when people come to the ending of their lifetime all they wish is to see their pets for the last time.

This granny got a surprising appointment from her most favorite creature.Lisa and her sister were taking care for their sick mother.

They wanted to make her last days and hours very outstanding, and they were motivated by their mom’s obsession with Bambi classic Disney movie.

They said that she has Bambis every where and wears a Bambi T-shirt. And as well she and her sibling and all the people that supported them wear it too. They named it their nursing uniforms.

As their mom’s condition gone to worse, the whole family considered to make something very amazing for her with a visit from a real Bambi- a real deer.

When this deer came into the room, the old lady was very happy and with surprise.

The deer was hand-raised by a couple named Chris and Simoe. The deer’s name was Bambi as well.

Lisa mentioned that they drove a long way to visit them just out of love and kindness. She was so grateful for what they did for her mother and their family.

The meeting was defenately worth it. Their mommy was so joyous and cheery to see the actual deer- Bambi. It really changed all the memories for the woman’s existance. This evening was a very important event for her.

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