Estonian workers save a wild wolf from freezing water thinking that he was just a dog


Estonian workers were doing their every day job when they noticed a dog in the frozen water. They saved the pup stuck in there.

After a while they found out that it was not a dog at all. It was a wild wolf whom they carried in their car.

They cleared the iced way and got the hopeless creature out. And then they took him to the vet. And there the vet told them that it was not a dog it was a wild wolf.

The rescuers said thet he behaved calm and gentle as he had a low blood pressure because of the freezing water.

Even though they doubted a very famous hunter proved that the doggy like crature is a wolf. He was just one year old. And a male.

For safety the vets kept him in cage. In case he got furious after getting a full treatment.

Thanks to the workers‘ kindness the wolf was now safe and sound.After full recovery the wolf was taken to the wild.

Estonia has many wolves but this types just avoid people.

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