People leave sticks at the grave of a dog that died 100 years ago


When a pet passes away people can visit their graves to feel rested and also to pay respect. But there is a one dog’s grave that has become a very special place for dog lovers.

This dog’s grave that was buried 100 years ago has got its own bronze statue. It’s located in Brooklyn, Green-Wood Cemetery.

The pet’s name is Rex. It is believed that he belonged to a fruit merchant John that died in 1884. It’s clear that he was very special for his time and for his family.

While rex and all her family are gone now, they still receive a lot of love from visitors.

All people mention that what comes to Rex he always stands out with his uniwue grave.It can be seen from the road , it is sort of a prominent spot.

Nowadays a beautiful habit has formed at rex’s statue, when people come they leave sticks in front of him.

For dog lovers that place became a memory representing all dogs. A place where people go to remember their own dogs.Some time ago there was someone who left a picture of a dog there once as if to say Rex to look after it.

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