A 73-year-old blind and deaf elephant was finally rescued and her eyes filled with real tears


It is really heart-scalding and unbeleivable that there still exist people who think that pets cannot have strong feelings. This article is for such kind of people tounderstand and feel the pets.

And to eventually realize that they can be as sensitive as human beings and sometimes even more.

Elephant of our story spent the most of her life being in cage and she never experienced what is the real freedom that all leaving creatures are entitled to.

This is 73-years-old Suk Jai that has been used for elephant trekking for a long time . In the end , the Elephant Rescue Foundation could save her.

She was brought to a sanctuary that had similiar conditions as her common habitant.

Here she eventually felt what it was like to be free. During all her existance she went from one owner to another working endlessly and lost her health.

Happily shecould get people that love and care for her and she finally enjoys peace and freedom .

Watching her priceless reaction you will not be able to hold your tears back.

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