A grateful dog can’t help but hug the man who came to save him and set him free


Our story hero is Matheus Laiola who devoted himself to saving puppies in serious situations in Brazil. He also completely implements the nationallaws on animal protection.

He cannot stand the pain that pets go through.The work is hard of course but it also has great rewards as well. Matheus lately shared a case about pups that were living in chains.

He posted that to make sure that he has an evidance of the abuse.He recently saved a dog that was living all in hardships.

In his post he wrote that this poor dog was in chains in rainy, sunny, stormy, cold and warm days.When they arrived there was no one there so they rescued the dog.

As the little one was feeling safe all she could do was to hug this man. She was so happy that could not keep her emotions. She was finally free.

Matheus mentioned that, the person responsible for the dog managed to be identified and will be investigated for animal abuse.

Meanwhile the amazing pup is safe and eventually will have new chances at life.

After being freed he was sent to shelter, where luckily he didn’t have to stay so long.She had been already adopted. She is feeling awesome.

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