A shelter dog noticed a girl having a panic attack and rushed to help her


A puppy that was homeless was meant to get a family for himself. His name was Picasso. He was found on the streets by animal shelter employees. The puppy noted a girl having a panic attack and hurried to help her.

The shelter workers were walking their dogs, when Picasso noticed 16 year old Abby, sitting on the side of the road and her head in her hands. The puppy rushed to cuddle and comfort her.

Abby was about to fall off and hit her head to the ground. At that exact moment appeared Picasso and supported her. After some time Abby started to come to her senses.

If it hadn’t been for him the girl would have fallen. He noticed and immedeadely rushed to help.Abby felt the warmth of the dog and started overcoming the panic.

She started feeling safe and that helped her to come back. Then she returned home with her mom. But she could not stop thinking the pup’s saviour so she went to the shelter to visit her.

When Picasso saw Abby, he ran to cuddle her right away.That was the imet when Abby realized she will take him with her. They are very happy together.

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