A wandering dog was sad and weeping all night and the shelter makes a decision to share her photo


The High Plains Human Society had an aim to support left and alone dogs. They adore helping the ones that are sick and thin.

Those animals that are left without any shelter lack love and care. So people who are fond of them share their photos in order to show others how many are there that need their help and support.

One time they posted a picture of wreckled dog. People who noticed the post were very excited.
Here is the dog in the box. He is looking out of it in hope that somebody will help and adopt him.

Many people were not able to pass by this dog, they jsut could not stay indifferent, and they loved the dog. His aim is to have a constant home.

His pure and big-big eyes called many many people to take him.

Surely lots of them wanted to adopt him. A woman was chosen among that people to be the new owner of this dog.

After living some tima with that woman the dog was very happy, joyous and healthy.All dogs deserve better lives. All of them need our affection, devotion and attention.

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