They found each other: a girl who lost her arm adopted a kitten with a missing limb


Being just an elevent months old baby, Scarlette lost one of her limbs to illness. She is a very cute and lovely girl.
Her parents, Simone and Matt, wanted to get her a cat when she was 2 years old.

So to prove her that she is not worse just because of her quirks.And to show her that she can and deserves to be happy.

They live in California. One day, they heard about a kitty that had lost its front leg. With that news they realized that he was the one.

And they were ready to welcome him to their family.

Scarlette was born with an abnormally gigantic arm.

After taking some tests, surgeries and other treatments, the famikly found out that the girl a severe type of cancer.

So the doctors recommended them to amputate the little girl’s arm.

And for that operation they needed to go to Minnesota. As the only clinic that could perform such difficult treatment was in there.

Simone and Matt when heard about the kitten that was hammed because of an accident, they called the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus to adopt him.

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