A faithful dog refuses to leave the front of house and waits for his owners who left him outdoors


This is Cupid. He was waiting for his owner at the front of his house. He was so hopeless and was waiting for somebody to come and open the door.

The dog refused to go away from the house and he even slept in front of the house. The family members had left the dog and went somewhere to celebrate Christmas.

The neighbours were so worried and wanted to help. So one of them called the Speranza Animal Rescue team. They could convince the dog to go with them.

People tried to persuade him for a long time. After he was taken to a rescue center and was fed there properly.
Being there he wagged his tail as a sign of happiness.

He was so happy with his new dog friends. But at first he was very surprised and confused.

The puppy was examined and given exact treatment. We hope that very soon someone will adopt him and he will find his loving forever family.

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