A heart touching moment how the dog says goodbye to his owner


Meet Ryan a 33-year-old man. He was passing away. Unluckily, he suffered from brain hemorrhage.

Ryan had a devoted fellow a puppy. The pup was so bonded to his owner. The medical staff workers decided to bring the dog to clinic to saythe last goodbye to his owner.

The puppy really felt that his owner was passing away. Ryan’s sister told that the scene was so touching and heart breaking.

The dog is now with the sister of his owner, in safe hands. But he suffered the loss of his kind hearted owner so badly. His eyes were filled withtears and there was a lot grief.

Even after his time came to end Ryan saved someone else’s life. His heart was served as donor to a seventeen-year-old kid. It is very exciting that his heart rescued a child’s existance.

Rest in peace Ryan.

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