The dog saved the life of his missing friend, who was stuck in thick mud for more than 40 hours.


This pup was lost for almsot fourty hours. He is named as Puppy and his friends and family were searching for him endlessly.

They had another dog named Tino. He was the one that was able to find his lost friend.Tino was exercised as a search puppy for 16 months before this happened.

At the day when this case happened the family was going for horse riding and the he followed them. He got lost on the road, and didn’t come back home.

After the dog was discovered it turned out that Puppy got stuck in the mud. If Tino hadn’t tried to find him he could have died now.

As the mud was cold Puppy’s feet did not work fully. The saviours team got him out of the thick mud with the help of ropes.

He was stuck in the mud miles away from the house.He is a real surviver and a very strong fighter. He had won over his stress and all obstacles. He will have a good health condition and start to live his life to the fullest.

After some he will be completely treated.

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