This dog in pain was neglected by passerbies, and nobody was worried about him


One dog cought the attention of people by his huge size, but he was neglected by people. Nobody ever cared for him or tried to help. He was suffering from pain and hoplessly laid on the ground.

A passerby left him.People working at a gas station in Brazil noticed the cute dog.

Because of being overfed, this poor creature gained extra weight. He was a stray one and was fed by remains left in the near restaurant.

His name is Bolinha. After some time he wighed 80 pounds. Everybody came to him that was overweigh all in fatness.

Bolinha was so fat that couldn’t move or walk and at this point he cought people’s attention. People took care for him and did their best for him to lose weight.

For some time he was doing exercises. And also he was doing some swimming process for him to come to normal weight. He lost 30 pounds.

Thanks to people who helped him to live again and get a new meaning for his life. They did everything for him to overcome all the obstacles and be healthy and happy again.

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