A puppy thanked the woman who saved his life he put his head in the woman’s arms as a sign of gratefulness


A few puppies were scrolling around the rubbish bin. A rescue organization called St. Louis wandering whether they got a call from someone about these dogs or not.

The dog had some wounds on his body and skin. Fortunately the saving team arrived on time and they could save the puppy.

Chowder that is the name of the dog is so friendly and lovely towards all people although he has faced many difficulties.

The poor dog was used as a dogfighter. And he was obliged to come across a lot of problems and obstacles.

And a woman named Donna tried to approach closer to the puppy.

Donna took him and put him in her car. The dog placed his face in the arms of this woman. With this gesture he wanted to show that he feels safe and warm.

And what’s the most important is that Chowder will achieve proper treatment and will be completely cured. He will be adopted very soon. After everything he will have his forever and loving home.

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