See Willie Nelson’s ‘Luck Ranch’ where over 70 rescued horses now live happyly


Willie Nelson, adores some things in his life when he is out of stage and is not keeping a guitar.Few things he loves more than driving around his ranch in Texas.

There is a lot about this fabulous singer than just guitar music. One of his affections is his ranch in Texas which he loves to call „Luck“.

And he says that when he is there he is in Luck, when his is not he is out of Luck.He keeps over seventy horses on his ranch and they are allowed to roam on his property. They all were rescued from some kind of abuse.

Willie has been saving horses for several years now .He with his daughter, has been dealing with slaughterhouses for years.

They adore horses so much, he even wrote a song on his CD that was called „Ride Me Back Home“.

He always proudly mentions that his pets can be considered the luckiest as they get lots of advandages, and they have forgotten about going back to slaughter.

They are really happy horses.Willie Nelson is not planning to retire soon. He continues his tours 200 days a year.

They every time decide to leave it but when they stop playing and singing and hang out for some time they then consider going back again.

He always mentions that people should get smarter with ages. He considers himself a little smarter but he is not sure.

So it’s really heart-warming to see such kind of people trying to help the pets with their all means.

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