The man began to cry when he pulled his lost dog from the foxhole out


Losing has always been hard. It’s really hard to realize thatyou have lost someone or something forever. So some people in order not to lose their favourite pet people try to keep them nearby.

A 49-year-old man, a life coach lost his last dog and made a decision to take another one. That one was Mitzi. He adopted this puppy for him to be easier to win over his sorrow.

With time they came to be inseperable and had tight bonds. And the man used to call his dog a business partner.

When Mitzi was one-year-old he got lost. He was afraid of the other puppy and that was the reason why he ran away. He was searching for him everywhere but in vain.

As the man looked for the pup all day long and even at night but couldn’t find he thought that his dog would pass away. He was devastated.

And with the last hope he posted the dog’s picture in social media. After some hours he got a call that his dog was sniffing in a fox hole.

The man heard the cry of the dog and began to pull him out of the hole. Others came to help.

Their unition was so heart touching and wonderful. This was the best Christmas gift for him. He was out of this terrible nightmare.

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