92 Military K9s are coming home from Afghanistan after their job completely done


Each service member of US military is crucial and is vital in maintaining people’s freedom and security.
K9 puppies serve with people and their job is very significant and difficult.

They are very well skilled and trained.They serve in many ways mainly in bomb, weapon, drug, and other dangerous parts. And they are always 98% accurate.

This is more clear then that of any equipement.They the K9 pups need the same attention and care as we give to human militaris. They deserve our respect and affection.

Especially when they have finished their service. AMK9 is on of the organizations that cares for service dogs after their retirement.

They asure that the puppies are fully looked after and placed properly.Lately The US government reached out to AMK9 to bring home 92 dogs who finshed their service and came back as heroes from Afghanistan almost
7000 miles away.

They took care for their food, water, veterinarians, health etc.And the organiser of all this mentioned that most of the dogs are going to have their new homes and families which is just amazing.

In this video it is shown how the dogs come back to US after long time being away. All show them the honour that is given to any armed service veteran.

This is such a pleasing moment.You what is really touching when the man and a dog that served together come to live together after martial life.

They become so connected that bond is undescribable.That is so wonderful how AMK9’s treat them. They consider them as their brothers in arms, and as true heroes that they really are.

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