A disabled man climbs out of his wheelchair and putting under risk his life to rescue a kitty stuck in a storm drain


You won’t believe this. A disabled man by rescuing his life tried to safe the kitten’s that was stuck in a storm drain.

This man is Mujtahid who is 30 years old. He is a paralympic athlet and the one that did this heroic act.

As he saw the kitten holding from the barrier, he understood that he needs to act really veey quickly.He got off from his wheelchair and went down to the bank to save the hoplessly drowning cat.

There were two of them Mujtahid and his friend who recorded the scene. Then he came down to help his fellow with what he was doing.

The poor soul was really far and it was hard getting him. So the man merely changed his place to grab the kitten.

This man is a true hero. Thanks to him him the kitty now can live his happy life. After saving him he jumped back to grass happily. The cat ran back to his house.

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