Baby was not able to tell his parents about babysitter abuse nightmare but their dog could


About people and dog bond there is something extraordinary. They really are the best friends for each other ready to anything for one another.

Dogs are extremely intuitive , loyal and protective. People sometimes say that if their dog does not like somebody they don’t like them either.

Killian proved thi statement. Benjamin and Hope moved to Charlson, they needed a nanny for their son.

For a long time searches they finally found someone they thought they searched for.Everything was just awesome at first period for almost 5 months.

But everything changed, Benjamin noticed that their dog was getting really agressive about their nanny. He would stand between the son and the nanny. As if he was trying to protect.

He was trying to tell them that something was really wrong. Killian is a very friendly and calm dog but this case is something different.

Hope felt that it was a warning. So they decided to put their phone under the coach and record everything. When they came back home and listened to the recording they were shocked and furious. It was like a nightmare.

Hope told what the recording was about. She said thet their boy was constantly crying for seven and half hours, and that was because the nanny left him in crib all alone for hours and also physical abuse.

Khan was arrested and was investigated. After a few weeks she confessed to the abuse. They could find out everything and the parents were just horrified. The nanny is now 1-3 years in prison.

The couple is so grateful to their Kilian for being so attentive and loving. If it wasn’t him teir son would have suffered more.

As killian is very calm and never shows any agression that was not hard for them to understand that something was going around this nanny. All they can feel is gratitute.

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