The dog can not believe his eyes. At last he met his owner after so many days being apart


One dog got lost and a man found him in their house. It was obvious that the pup wanted a safe place for staying. This man called to animal shelter right away.

His name is Blue. He is very friendly and sociable. It is known for how long he scrolled arond the streets. But the shelter took the dog.

It was lovely with other people but not with other animals and dogs in shelter. At first it was really shy.

He played with his toy all the time. He was put for adoption in social media. The first response that came was the dog’s owner who said that it was his dog.

He looked for him everywhere. Blue was lost for already six months. He searched for him everywhere but in vain. Fortunately, he found the dog.

He drove for 1200 miles to meet his dog again. Their unition was so exciting. They couldn’t stop hugging each other and crying.

They are back to Texas. Finally together. It seemed as if the dog could not believe that he eventually found his owner. They are so happy back again.

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