Judge Judy lets stolen dog loose in courtroom so he can pick who his real owner is


We all know Judge Judy right? It is a famous TV Judge that makes decisions in small cases in front of the audience.

All shows are televised.Lately there was a very interesting case in front of her. There was a dog’s ownership question by two different individuals.

A woman was announcing that the dog was hers and a man that bought the pup from someone on the street said that it was his.

This lady brought some documents that were as a proof that the dog was her in the true and lawful manner. While Judge Judy informs that the documents doesn’t claim that the dog is her.

During the judgement the woman was not going to release the dog out of her hands. The judge asked to let him go, but only after demands she did so. And placed the dog on the ground.

After being free the poor dog immedeately ran to the man and was making signs ans signals that his true owner was this man.

When Judge Judy wittnessed the connection between these two she made her decision and announced her final word, that the dog was going to stay with the man.

The audience was so excited to hear that as the man cried out of joy and the dog continued showering him with love.

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