Sick little girl rewards her great dane service dog with a surprise for helping her


Meet Bella a girl that suffers from a rare disease that is called Morqio Syndrome. It affects her balance. She cannot properly move so she gets around in a wheelchair.

Bella is a 11 year old baby. When she was volunteering at Service Dog Project with her mother, there she met George. It was love from first sight. They got bonds immedeately.

George is shoulder height to child and he supports her in everything. He does everything for her to feel better. He helps the girl to walk and her mobility becomes better. George has really changed Bella’s quality of life.

George loves burgers, better said he adores them. So on his best day Bella joined her fellow and they had a marvolous time.

Then they went to epic snow day activity which is the most favourite activity of George. He runs around in the soft snow having fun and enjoying his time mostly.

After all thet snowy fun they got to doggy treat store and got a huge variety of yummy treats for him. What’s most important for him he got a giant bone.

The party was not over yet. He with bella got to stay in a luxury hotel room that was full of doggy toys of all shapes and sizes. He uncovers his inner puppy again and has a fabulous time.

He was so cheerful. He got his own big bed, suitable for him, and also his own sweater. Bella is so excited to be a part of this beautiful experience.

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