A stray cat goes after a man and does not leave him until he decides to take him home


Basil Awkan and her girlfriend like to spend most of their time being outside. He always takes his laptop with him. And loves to spend her day in the cafes.

This 2 stray cats love to spent their days in cafe sleeping unter the tables and chairs in that way protecting themselves from hot and cold weather.

And they always waited for Basil and her girlfiends as this couple always fed them wit everything that they ordered for themselves.

Under tables they were waiting for their food and cuddles. One of them was named Sophie and she was very connected with Awkan.

He came after the man for already four months and wanted to go home with him.

So after this long months the man finally decided to take the kitty and his girlfriend took the other one. They could not leave them in this hopeless situation.

Awkan is so happy now to have Sophie with him as the little one makes his day better and colores it with brright colors and makes him a very happy man. They are really joyous together.

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