A vet vaccinates dogs in a very funny and lovely way making it something they really enjoy


Meet this creative vet of our days. He has a very unique and lovely way of vaccinating the puppies and they even not notice that. The vet doesn’t act quickly when he sees the dog.

He never comes to dogs with the terrifying needle as he knows for sure that it is stressful for every dog to visit the vets especially when they need to get some shots.

The doctor’s name is Andre Santos and his way of apprach is really cute.

The clinic where he works is situated in Portugal. He vaccinates the dogs unnoticebly as he just plays some games during that time.

He never lets the marvolous creatures feel feel sfraid or tramautized. Sometimes he does this shots even by dancing. People say that he makes dogs both cheery and healthy.

Every time after a procedure he has a positive impact on his patients. He just found a way of lowering the stress and anxiety for his patients. Santos wants to make a visit to vet something that animals wait with love.

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