The owner of the dog painted the fence for her nosy bulldog. He looked really hilarious in that scene


Meet Bogart a four year old bulldog. He had a habbit of poking his head out of their garden fence.

The owner of this dog appeared to be very creative. When you look at this fence it’s not a simple one. The owner painted a funny drawing outside of the fence that it would be funny for the passersby.

There are two holes one of which has a picture of carnival and the other one had a picture of king. If the dog puts his head out he has these outfits.

Bogart lives in Denmark and is very pupular on social media. He became very well known thanks to his appearance.

He such a joyous and cute dog. He adores to be in the centre of attention. Also he is very good known in Norwegian dog group.

He is a big influencer and a very stubborn dog and if he has no intention of doing something he won’t do that.

He is able to make everybody’s day by his hilarious looks putting his head out of the fence.

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