This man left his car at the gas station, a dog jumped into the car and wanted to be hugged


This man stopped his car at the gas station and when he came back to his car he found there a cute canine. Actually the little one could enter the car as the owner left the doors open.

The man was with his wife and when they came back from restroom and saw the pup they were really surprised, but the latter did not want to leave their side. All he wanted were lots of hugs and cuddling.

As the couple adored pets and they already had 3 rescued dogs they decided to take this one to their house as well.
They thought that if this dog chose them and as he had such a lovely and cute face they did not want to leave him behind.

Bill is a very kind man he couldn’t say no to this poor creature. The puppy looked so sad and weak. All she needed was love and care.

They named the dog River, and did everything for him to be good and feel at ease. They already had saved 3 dogs and a cat.

He got along with other pets very well, and he was very well taken care of here.

This puppy now feels really happy, safe and loved as he has a forever home now. This is a clear example of humanity and it’s heartwarming to know that this kind of people still exist in our world.

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