A kind-hearted boy saved the three puppies left in the box


One day a benevolent and generous boy was walking down the street and while walking noticed noises from the box. The box was even moving.

He followed the noise and what he saw made his heart break to pieces and feel sorry. There were three puppies left alone in the box.

They were so devastated and sad. Boy took the pups to his house straight away and fed them and also freed them from this box.

On the box there was a written message. It was saying that the mother of the dogs was dead.

So when their mommy died they had no time to take care for the puppies. It is so surprising that human beings think in this way. The little ones are so pretty and so so cute.

All they need as all the animals is love, care and protection. Thanks to this kind-hearted boy they all will be loved and looked after.

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