They found their dog playing in the snow and the game he invented had everyone laughing!


This prankster really knows how to have fun. Once out for a walk, the owner is filming his pet’s antics for us to enjoy it with them. An enterprising dog starts from the top of a large slope and slides down the slope – on his back!

He is already a grown-up but never gets enough of enjoying himself. He really loves to have fun and knows how to amuse and cheer up himself even in winter.

The funniest part of all this is the scene where his all four legs and tail are sticking straight up heavenward, as he slides down the slope.

And it’s obvious that this pup really liked the game and found it entertaining. So when he reached the bottom he went back up the hill and repeated everything all over again.

When we watch this video it gets us back to childhood when we played on our sleds on a fine snowy day. We hope that he enjoys himself fully and will receive a doggy treat from his owners.

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