Max refuses to give up pacifier, but when mom tries to get it back, it’s so funny


Nothing can be more hilarious and amusing than a grown acting as a child. Especially when that adult is a huge adult dog.

So meet Max a joyous retriever who found a new tow and judging by his face expression, it seemed as if he found it as a perfect fit. He didn’t even need any instructions on how to use it.

The pacifier goes straight to his mouth. He he didn’t want to let it go. As his mother is good one and knows about the risks she tries to convinse him to give it back.

At first she asks nicely to give it back, but the canine was determined to save it so nothing was helping out. She tried again and the pup pushed her hand back with one gigantic hairy paw while she tried to keep from chuckling.

The mother kept trying but the puppy every time pressed her hand down with his paw, as if he was sying „It’s mt toy , if yoy want, go and find yours.“

Luckily, she could change it with a more suitable doggy toy that will entertain the fluffy, big baby.

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