Parrot’s devotion to his stuffed toy is so cute, you’ll want to give him the hug he’s asking for


We all know right that parrots can be excellent mimics. Their owners can teach them lots of phrases and they will replay them.

But what’s most funny that this animals will echo the words on the most inconvenient and funny moments.
This parrot’s parent, proudly filmed her bird, Bowie, as he was trying to impress his beloved toy.

Not considering the factor that there is another parrot in there, Bowie comes out of the cage abandoning the other there, and starts moving and coming across a stuffed animal.

It appeared that he just loved his toy, his little gren fellow, as he was repeating non-stop, „I love you“ along with „Give me a hug“.

His affection is so cute that you want to go and cuddle him personally.He is such a loving friend. After his love confession, Bowie started playing with it, and repeating „Peekaboo!“.

I don’t know how his owner kept his laughter but this recording painted a smile on my face.

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