Reporter steps in front of the camera but that horse has the crew bursting with laughter


Being in television world, and there is nothing that informs us what can occur next, so you should be ready for everything. All they menton is.Do not work with animals or children.

Here is a fun story on that topic. One journalist and his staff were recording a TV show with one horse owner at his posession.

Greg Harriott, the camera man, was leaning on a horse in order to save the camera’s calm position.

Everything was fine when suddenly a horse appeared and put his head on Harriott’s shoulder. He was so friendly and lovely. And then he started to lick the man’s head.

Harriott continued carring the camcorder steadily. Then the horse started nudging his ear.

This continued until the horse grabed the Greg’s collar and yanked him back. As he is an expert, Harriott continued recording in spite of all efforts made by the pet.

And during all this the shoot was going on, and the interviewer was not even aware what was happening. It is really important how Greg remained quite, in the face of the activity of horse, who, no doubt, only wanted to catch Greg’s concentration .

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