Young girl on her mini horse doesn’t realize she’s got a little new friend


All people who have horses know very well that cats and horses are sometimes great buddies. Many horses were calmed down by the presence of a cat in their surroundings.

No one knows how can such different animals find each others friendship comforting but the fact is they do. Their company for each other is so comforting.

Abigail, a littel equesterian, discovered that her 28 year old pony was a great friend with her black can Dde. This trio was recorded while riding together in their family ranch.

Six-year-old girl was riding her little pony, when she and her mother encouraged the cat to go and join them. Dude didn’t need much persuasion.

In a blink Dude jumped to Gallan’s back, find a comfy position for a bumpy ride. They really enjoyed their time and had fun.

Gallant was not bothered by the fact that he has an extra passenger. He just did his best for his friends to enjoy. It was obvious that the two creatures trusted each other and their friend, little girl.

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