A 10-year-old boy raises money to buy and provide bullet proof vests for the police and military dogs


Brady Snakovsky who live in Ohio and is 10-year-old, has created a way to get vest bullet proofs for K9 dogs.

He was looking television with his fam when he noted that a K9 pups didn’t wear a bullet proof vest. His owner was protected but not him.

When he said it his mom was surprised how even could he notice this, and he decided to solve this problemn and knew the ways how.

After this Brady K9 fund was established. And by getting money they were able to buy over 257 vest proofs for military and police pups.

This fund gave vests in 23 states and Canada, as well as for puppies in Afghanistan.

And Brady took part in local social project also and made a yard for canines and their owners that waould serve as a train territory.

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