Fans can’t stop watching cute cowboy and his dancing dog


Lukas and Collie brought their puppy to a Dog Show to compete in a Freestyle performance.This is a perfect example of fellowship between a youngster and his canine. This cowboy danced in with his border collie.

They were intended to make an incredible performance.At the well known England dog show they danced a marvolous falk dance routine together for fans.

It’s not very often that you can see such kind of things, where you can listen to a national music.

It is obvious that they have worked on their show pretty well. They have put long hours and hard work and efforts into their job to succeed.

And the puppy is incredibly intelectual.This video was viewed over a million times. Watch it personally and understand why everyone likes it so much.

Always remember that the competition was really solemn and the steaks were real, specially for Falco, who is going to have a good treat for fabulous performance.

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