Heartwarming scene of a goose keeping a puppy warm after being abandoned on the street


This puppy was shivering whith cold when a kind goose came and showed empathy towards him. This little pup was abandoned by his mother soon after his birth.

This odd situation and the friendship betwen goose and dog is not something very strange as it was seem at first sight.

The gentle goose moved the pup toward her wings for him to get some warmth. After some time the dog stopped shivering and went to sleep, being protected by the goose.

After this photos were uploaded to facebook the couple was adopted together. We are glad to haer this as now they have formed a beautiful fellowship. No one can ever depart them.

Pats are really fascinating. And it’s not the first time that animals of different species become forever friends.
Watch the video below to see their nice relations.

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