Horse gives birth to astonishingly rare filly – just wait until you see her eyes


Jackie and Scott Nelson were pleasantly surprised with the later birth of little filly, that they named Coconut. They have a medal of raising colorful horses on their farm at Florida.

This tiny cutie pie was born with a unique type of color which is knows as tovero. As people say this kind of coloring can be found only on war horses.

This is a rare white horse covered with a pattern that is on it’s head and it’s ears. That is called either „war bonnet“, or „medicin hat“.

War horses are thought to be more valuable. And it is believed that they will take the spirit of the medicine man in the after life if they were killed in the war.

It was considered that they not only protect or save the medicine man but also the whole tribe from any kind of danger.

That is why they were guarded very closely and attentively. And the medicine people were not only referred as a healer but also as a spiritual leader.

Actually, this animals were so valuable that people from other tribes would steal them to make the strong medicine man of other tribe theirs.

Scott and Jackie thought themselves as very lucky couple. After realizing all this facts they could not believe that all of this was happening to them. They had their own war horse.

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