A devoted dog, whose eyes were full of tears, walks 125 miles to return to his former owner that got ride of him


This is a dog of a married couple in Russia. Maru was one year old. It was sold for some months ago. Sadly he was back to kennel, when the woman turned to be allergic to dogs.

The blaimless dog named Maru ran away at the time when the train was returning to the spot where the puppy was born.

The poor dog was so frightened and ran away, he went to the owner who got rid of him. Everyone was shouting his name but it was in vain.

The canine’s owner was Alla Morozova that looked for the pup everywhere and wanted to find it. She found the puppy near her house. He was so exhousted and looked so weak.

His eyes were full of tears. He felt refused. He had walked many miles about 125 miles. He jumped from the train door and was hurt badly. He was so panicked and scared.

But fortunately he was living though he was very weird and his paws were bleeding. Nowadays he lives in Novosibirsk with his family.

He was really good at map reading so surely he was able to get back home. He was so bounded with his former owner.

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