The visionless pit bull was able to change the life of a lonely kitten by his positive and brave behaviour


Jude, is a visionless dog who was taken by a very lovely family. They wanted him the most and his presense was comforting for their little kitty. The visionless dog changed the cat’s life to better.

They even overcoming some difficulties they still remain very cheerful and playful. The same case was with this visionless pit bull. Nicole Kogan was so surprised to see the dog’s positive behaviour.

He actes as a simple dog and does not even pay attention to his health problems. He is very good with other pets and is very consious and careful. He is very easily consentrated.

This dog is a very unique one. He enjoys everybodies company. He is so lively.He likes taking showers with hot water and then be properly dried.

He came to support the family for the loss of Dexter that passd away because of many illnesses.
He is such an important member of the family. Jude is like an inspiration, to this family.

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