A little boy with unique eyes and lips found a perfect companion for him


Meet Madden. A 7-years-old male who lives in Oklahoma. He is the youngest son of his family. He was born with a rare disease as the only 1% of people have, he had full heterochromia iridium and both cleft lips.

This means that this boy had different eye colors. When the mom saw the picture of a kitty who had the same heterochromia and clept lips, she decided to take him. The kitten was saved.

All the family members and friends and relatives supported these woman to go and get the sweet kitty. She went from Oklahoma to Minnesota to adopt him.

Cat was named Moon. They with the little boy are best fellows now and kitten helps the boy to understand and accept that he is not alone with his unique appearance.

They make each other’s day brighter and better. They look so cute together. Both of them are miracles. They were destined to meet each other and stand by each other’s side.

Their meeting was a real wonder, they met to be true friends.

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