The blind and deaf dog recognizes her owner immediately after being seperated for already a year


We are going to tell you about a story which heroes are a shepherd named Bitsy and a man whose name is Steve Kristal.

Bitsy was a very friendly, lovely and cute dog, and everybody in their family was just fond of him.

When they first met the grandpa thought how is this blind and deaf pup going to live with their family. When time passed they became inseparable friends and relatives.

When covid spread all over the world and it pandemic and there were some restrictions, the canine and grandpa were departed. The family’s routine changed fully and dramatically.

It was always interesting for grandpa wether his dog remembered him or not. And everything became more easy during pandemic.

They used to hug each other and play a lot. They became so tightly connected that no one could ever imagine.

This pup is very unique and has impressive abilities. The dog jumped and hugged the man when felt his presence.

Due to that he showed how much he loved and cared for him.Their unition is so heartwarming. At the departure time the grandpa thought that the dog does not remember about him.

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