The fawn does not want to leave the kind-hearted man who rescued her life


This case happened in the backyard of Darius Sasnauskas. He was a witness of a deer giving birth two deers.

When the man saw that one of the babies was injured he rushed to help as the mother was not able to protect his child from predators.

So he decided to take the fawn home and cure his wounded leg. He fed him with milk properly and took care for him.

All of this he did with so much love and care , he even licked the face of the faw as mother deer does.

Thanks to ths kind hearted man the fawn feels very strong and joyous. He made friends with the dog and the cat, But what he did next made Darius surprised. When his health conditions got better, Darius took him to his mom.

He lived with his family but did not stop visiting the man. He became very connected with this man.

Their bond became inseparable. The fawn always remembers the one who rescued his life in a very difficult period of life.

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