Ukrainian „Cat Cafe“ stays open to look after for its cats and visitors even during the wartime


In Lviv, Ukraine, there is cafe which stuff members are close friends. The name of this cafe is Cat Cafe Lviv.

They continue working even on this days. The owner is Serhi Oliinyk. The visitors are cats who enjoy their time there and have fun.

As they love to be in the centre of attention, the kittens like it when people visit them as well.

Many ukrainians flee from Ukraine, but their family is in there. They live and work there. The cats live here from the age of 4.

In the face of the difficulties they work but have a few visitors. The people come here to greet the cats, and bring brightness to their lives.

This is a safe place for people and cats as it can be a hiding place for them. They can make the day of the visitors a little more positive.

Oliinky’s family and cats are inseparable no matter what happens. And they pray for all the country. Let there be peace on Earth.

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