A 67 years old Canadian has been close friends with a polar bear for 23 years, this is the most amazing friendship


Meet Marc dumas a 67 years old man who became friends with polar beer for almost 23 years. He adopted this bear from its birth, and they have an unusual bond.

They are very unexpected friends for each other. And you can see them swimming in a pool very often. Making friends is hard, but making such kind of friends is harder than ever.

So Mark is a trainer, animal trainer. And the bear is 23 years old. Both of them get along together very well. They enjoy the time that they spent together. The bear loves his trainer very much.

The bears name is Angie. She is surrounded wiyh love and care. As Mark adores animals, he is fond of them, all animals adore and love him back. But what they have with Angie the bear is something diferrent, they are inseparable.

She is 350 kilos and was around people since she was born. She palyed a role ina first movie of her life in 1995. And also she takes part in some kinds of advertisements and commercials.

When she was yound Angie used to bite, but she got rid of this habbit, thanks to his trainer. And they cannot imagine their life without one another.

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