Rescued puma can’t be released into wild and so he lives as a spoiled house cat


If men want to get a pet they usuaslly choose dog or cat, but there are others who like choosing the unusual, the odd ones.

For example this couple, Mariya and Dmitriev, they live in Russia, when met a eight-months-old puma they immedeately fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. It appeared to be the most gigantic kitty they have ever seen.

His name is Messi , which corresponds with it’s sizes. We know that Messi is one of the famous players.
Except for him, there were also two cubs, Suares, and Neymar.

They named them after famous football players to celebrate the World Cup in Russia. Some time after Messi was given to zoo, where he suffered a lot with some health issues.

Mariya mentioned that her husband always wished to have a big cat, so she considered that it was like their one part of destiny.

Also while talking to journalists they said that they have thought on that question for 3 days, and it was really hard for them to come to that desicion, but nothing could affect their wish. So afterwards they went to negotiate, to buy him and to their great surprise, the authority of the zoo agreed.

However, looking after for this puma was really hard as he needed lots of attention and also medical care as mentioned above he had some health issues.

Messi, needed lots of care as others. It was a problem for him to walk properly and the family took him on walks every day.

With time he became better and better and now they go for a walk two times per day, and sometimes it’s the same as having a dog. It was hard to find handlers for him. But then they finally got a dog training school.

He persuaded them that he can be a full member of their companion all of this with his behaviour. He was not doing anything bad, except for little naughtyness.

Messi is very kindhearted and loves communicating with people. He is such a fabulous animal. And he is very well known in youtube and IG.

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