A tiny dog walks towards a giant horse and does this. I still can’t believe what I saw


There are bunch of stories about friendship. Especially when it comes to animal fellowship. So this couple is one of the most unusual animal friends of different species.

This duo will surely steal your heart. Their love towards each other is incredible.Here are Herbie and Jabby.

A little dog and a magnificant horse. Herbie very often likes to visit his friend. Compared to his big brother is quit tiny. But their differences hardly matter when they are together.

When you see their reaction while seeing each other you will be shocked. It is obvious that they adore one another.

Jabby is so cute, he tries to be closer to his friend. But there is rope that interfers him from getting closer. He is so energetic and lovely.

But he finally relaxes when his besties homes down and puts his head on the pup. It’s so amazing.

Jabby stands back and the pup goes crazy again. He starts to jump up and down to reach his buddy and finally Jabby comes back down to puppy level. This is a real case of pup love.

Go and watch the most adorable video below.

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