Puppy doesn’t want to wake the sleeping kittens, now watch what she does. Adorable creature


We already have read bunch of stories where cats and dogs made good friends. In this video you’ll see a marvolous furry puppy, who has made friends with three cute kitties.

As it was a sleep time, so everyone was sleeping on their backs. It can’t be cuter than that. The kittens were so joyously sleeping, and will probably continue that way all day long.

There was someone who was wide awake. Of course that was the little puppy.She was surely planning on doing something else.

For example playing with his tail, or with a ball. Or maybe she would like to have something tasty to eat. But all the problem is that she is stuck.

The puppy does not want to disturb her friends. One of the kitties wakes up and does some stretching but then she goes back to sound sleep right away.The other two kittens wake up and then immedeately nod off.

Their owner that was filming this wonderful scene gives some gentle pets, but the cutie is determined to remain motionless.

Some time later when the kittens moved one of them used the neck of the dog as a pillow.
Go and enjoy the video. It’s hard not to like them.

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