Diver comes face-to-face with enormous shark off the coast of Florida


This case took place in Florida, where a driver came face to face with a gigantic bull shark. He even managed to take some magnificant pictures of that wonderful creature and shared them on social media.

The drivers name was John Moore who was a marine life enthusiast. During his fiftyfive years of life he came across to lots of sharks. The las t one that he saw was the largest one that he has ever seen.

The mammal was pregnant female, that was looking for her friends. The photographer told, that this one was abnormally large, and probably pregnant. Surely she hasn’t skipped any meals.

This animal was a very dominant creature.Although he has a long experience with this gigantic mammals this was not the most comfortable case for him.

We know that bull sharks are not the most friendly creatures to meet. Actually they are considered to be one of the most dangerous types. These gigantic species can grow up to 11 feet and easily can weigh 1500 pounds.

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