Lovely footage shows magnificant lion crouching down to meet his cub for the first time


This video that was made in Denvar Zoo melted everyone’s heart. A lovely lion, could not wait to meet his newborn baby. Usually we hear that lions do not always get very well with their new born offsprings.

This little one was born in the zoo, on July 31. Since then, the cutie has only spent time with his mommy. That is why their staff decided that it’s already the time for him to meet his family.

The video where he first met his two years old daddy has blown in the interner. And according to the zoo staff he will very soon be ready to go to public.

So he spent his last couple months connecting with his mom, dad and half-sister. He will make his big public debute very soon. He is such a playful, energetic and lively cub.

Although among adults they are known as Neliah and Tobias, he does not have name yet. And they are searching for a good name and asking for help.

According to their authorities the variants are Meru, Moremi, Tatu. He is the third baby, of the lioness. So the zoo is encouraging everyone to vote and donate for their three finalists.

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